Tutorial: How to Use an IP Location Finding API with Python

To use an IP location finding API, you need to send a GET request to the API's endpoint. Here's how you can do it using Python:

import requests
import json

ip = 'IP_Address'  # Replace with the IP Address you want to lookup
token = 'YOUR_API_KEY'  # Replace with your actual API key

url = 'https://api.findip.net/' + ip + '/?token=' + token

response = requests.get(url)

data = response.json()

print('City Name:', data['city']['names']['en'])
print('Continent Code:', data['continent']['code'])
print('Country Name:', data['country']['names']['en'])
print('Latitude:', data['location']['latitude'])
print('Longitude:', data['location']['longitude'])
print('Time Zone:', data['location']['time_zone'])
print('Weather Code:', data['location']['weather_code'])

for subdivision in data['subdivisions']:
    if 'en' in subdivision['names']:
        print('Subdivision Name:', subdivision['names']['en'])

print('Autonomous System Number:', data['traits']['autonomous_system_number'])
print('Autonomous System Organization:', data['traits']['autonomous_system_organization'])
print('Connection Type:', data['traits']['connection_type'])
print('ISP:', data['traits']['isp'])
print('User Type:', data['traits']['user_type'])


Remember to replace 'IP_Address' and 'YOUR_API_KEY' with the actual IP address you want to verify and your actual API key. Also, ensure to have the necessary packages installed (requests).